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Hemoreks explainer video
May 4, 2021
animated explainer video
Osoi animated explainer video
January 12, 2023

Brand visual identity

When first contacted by Privado, our task was to create several website illustrations, but our job evolved into the complete design rework and brand visual identity upgrade. Using the popular styles, we wanted to highlight unique features that Privado gives to its users. Whole scope included web visual design, illustrations, video explainers, logo upgrade and all of that using symbols, graphics and fonts that would stand out, and visually speaking, position Privado ahead of its competitors.

Fully produced animated explainer videos

After we finished illustration phase successfully, a thorough research of Privado’s main competitors took place and from it production line was set for animated videos. Privado explainer videos are an excellent example of how can one unique voice over be used to produce two completely different videos. One shorter, primarily based for mobile users, fast paced and concise and other, far more complex, falls under category of premium video explainers, with a lot of character animation and fluid and meaningful storytelling.

Here you can see the complete process of illustration design from thumbnailing ideas, storyboard to final illustrations used in a video. For these kind of projects it is extremely important that all team members work as one, from script writers, voice over artists to designers in charge of illustrations and animation and people in charge of sound design.

Privado explainer video 60 thumbnails-01
Privado explainer video 60 concepts houses-01

Clear storyboard is stepping stone of any animated explainer video. After client approves the storyboard, we continue to illustration process. This is where we try to express ourselves using the research we did previously. Our team always tries to highlight all the advantages a company, process or a product can get using a simple sketched storyboard.

Privado mobile explainer video 30 RStb V02-01
Privado explainer video 60 RStb V01 01a H
Privado explainer video 60 RStb V01 02a H-01
Privado explainer video 60 RStb V01 03a H-01

Final illustrated style frames are ready for animation! In this part you are only week(s) away from the final product, of course it all depends of the length and quality. It is very important to follow client’s demands, and since we rebranded all the web illustrations, we wanted to use similar color palette and the same style in character and background design used for video explainers.

01a 30sec-01
01a 30secb-01

Process of illustrating

“Showing just how much effort you need from basic sketches to full illustrations for an animated feature is always inspiring. Our artists are always open for new styles and techniques and we tend to leave our comfort zone quite a lot. It’s all about the hard work and self-improvement.”
– Vojin Dautović, Creative Director

Web illustration

Privado is an internet search engine and therefore we wanted to highlight user experience and all the advantages Privado is offering to its users. Combining different characters with Privado’s main features, we wanted to upgrade the older, logo based, website illustrations and simply tell a story and make this website more appealing visually but also to acknowledge the fact that Privado is a user friendly search engine which does not collect data and make profit out of it, but works for the “little guy”, something we all seemed to forget.




July 5, 2021

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