Osoi animated explainer video

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May 7, 2021

Fully produced animated explainer video

Osoi is “ONE SOURCE OF INFORMATION”, a game changing app for any industry to have in their management pipeline. It connects all professionals on a project 24/7 through live progress updates while still maintaining organized correspondence between tasks. We helped launch the start-up in its fullest light on pitch events with this animated explainer video.


The Idea

Our task was to produce a brief and effective animated explainer video which showcased all important features of the app. In addition, Osoi was initially an architecture app. This gave us a starting point in the visual journey from which Hedra directed, wrote, and animated a narrative of daily challenges on a construction site.


Design of Osoi animated explainer video

Since Osoi app is fairly complex, we needed to create a well balanced script. It explains what the app offers to its users, but is also attractive in both visual and audio aspects. In meetings with the Osoi team, we configured a scenario and created a video highlighting the differences that app brings to the game. Using the minimalistic style was one of the prime objectives. With addition of animations from the app itself, it showed amazing result in the end.


Working with startup companies is one of the joys of the business. We tend to figure the best possible solution for a brand. And it will not only stand out in comparison to competition, but also be a corner stone. Above all, a visual guide on all future design projects involving the company.

Visual branding started with logo creation and we continued on to create a video. It shows the product to a wider audience as a classic animated explainer and also helping Osoi team to get in touch with new business partners as a pitch video.

Thorough and concise information from Osoi team helped us. We created the most meaningful animations that the audience and professionals from construction and also other branches could relate to.




October 12, 2022



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