Hemoreks explainer video

City of Leduc Opioids video
November 15, 2020
Privado brand visual identity
May 7, 2021

Fully produced animated explainer video


Animated video commercial we did for Primederma, pharmaceutical company based in our hometown Belgrade, Serbia. This video was used to highlight their bestselling product by following the latest marketing trends accompanied with the exceptional voice over from one of most recognizable artist on Balkan. Marketing campaign was focused on both, TV broadcasters as well as the internet.

Choosing the style is one thing, but selecting the most suitable characters for the campaign is something we always pay special attention to. Different visual assets such as moustaches, glasses or simply weight can have tremendous impact on the final result. We always consult with our clients and we try to give them the most meaningful options so we can have the best possible solution in the end.

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