Combining great ideas with excellent design, making sure our business improves your business.

Hedra is a graphic design studio from Belgrade, Serbia. We specialize in the field of illustration and animation, dedicating our time and experience to produce videos, motion graphics, illustrations, games and concept art, book covers and other different elements of visual design.

We aim to please, but we aim high, therefore we don’t have small tasks, only big responsibilities! Our team is growing bigger by the day and surrounds our founding members:

Hedra team

A picture is worth a thousand words and our work speaks for itself.

Take a look at the work we've done so far. If you're not exactly sure what you need, have no worries, feel free to check out the examples of our illustrations, infographics, storyboards, etc. They will give you a little taste of what we do and can help you narrow down the best choices for you.