City of Leduc Opioids video

Missio for Life
February 2, 2020
Hemoreks explainer video
May 4, 2021

Fully produced animated video

Character illustration, part in which you can see how simple modification, such is change of clothing or color correction can make a huge effect on overall appearance of the illustrated character. Skillful hands of our concept artists can, without a problem, show you character’s emotion but also specific things, like their growth in this particular case.

Two excellent examples of environment, or so called background illustration. One shows the importance of background characters and their variety, where other shows how props and small details can sometimes achieve much more than the more complex illustrated characters.

First step in the animated video productions is most certainly quality illustrated storyboard. Here you can see some of the sketches with which we started the whole production of this animated video. It is probably the most important step of the process because, nevertheless of its simplicity, good and precise whiteboard sketch will show you the way you want to take afterwards.

Character illustration does not imply only one posture or appearance. Good illustrated character is drawn from multiple angles and different positions, so that way it can be used successfully in different scenes and environments.

In this segment here you can see step by step process. Sketches, illustrations and coloring. Do not let these quick video loops mislead you, it takes a lot of time to finish this from scratch. It is a long way from initial idea to shading and different “finish touch” techniques.

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